writerWriting has been my strongest talent and ongoing interest since childhood, when I wrote a short-story detective series called Tommy Gunn. My first publication was in Highlights Magazine at the age of 10 or so, and I have since published articles in The Orion, Synthesis Magazine, Chico News & Review, Metro.Pop, California Bands, Cinema Blend, and my own blogs and websites.

For the most current examples of my prose slinging style, see my music blog Monitor Down, its associated ebook the Rock and Roll Bathroom Reader, or the Los Angeles website I co-created with my wife, TryOurLA.

Here are a few other examples…

Engineering Dream Jobs: An Unscientific Study (EngineerJobs.com) A social media survey I conducted to get an idea of what engineers want to do with themselves. It was made to resemble a study conducted by a small research team. That is definitely not what it is, though it is informative and a little entertaining.

Resume Advice from Engineering Employers (EngineerJobs.com) I interviewed several recruiters and executives from firms that employ engineers to find out what they look for on an engineer’s resume. This was for a popular engineering job website.

5 Fun Date Ideas for Creative Angelenos (TryOurLA) A post designed to provide a few Los Angeles date ideas other than the cookie cutter dinner-and-a-movie, utilizing some of the LA resources mentioned on the site. This is probably the most-read post on TryOurLA.

Meet the Primrose League (Monitor Down) My interview with Daniel Earwicker, an accomplished amateur musician who produces music from his bedroom in London, drawing a sizeable following almost exclusively from YouTube.

10 Tips for Staying Sharp During an Online Class (Ace Online Schools) An educational piece I researched and wrote for an online education blog. Yes, I’ve used many of these tips for my own online studies, and yes they do work, usually.

Every Song is About Heroin (Monitor Down) A capricious and explorative blog post from Monitor Down, and one of my favorites.

How to Become a Registered Nurse (Travel RN Jobs) This is a self-researched post from my travel nursing website. It provides an overview of what is involved in becoming an RN, which is a prerequisite for travel nursing.

SynSpace (Synthesis Magazine) Part of a series of I produced for Synthesis Magazine a while back, in which I reviewed bands directly on MySpace. I was subsequently approached by several interested bands. (JPG image)

My Blog There’s also my own marketing insights and thoughts, published here.